The Glory Candle 

The Glory Candle started through faith and a love for handcrafting. Because candles are part of our self-care routine and we are worried about the candles’ toxins, we began to make a nontoxic and cleaner product. Since then, we could not stop making them as a hobby. In 2020, during a fast lasting seven days, we prayed for financial freedom. God answered us by telling us to turn the hobby into a business. The concept for The Glory Candle was born.

We have spent a year researching and testing the products and processes. We found a formula that worked. Today, we make each candle by hand with God’s love added. Our goal is to offer you high-quality products that are natural and safe to burn. Our mission is to foster education to underprivileged children. We are selling them as a light for the world. 

The Glory Candle has brought so much love and happiness to our family. We hope the candles bring joy to your family and to each child we help with education.  

Happiness is a scented candle made with love.


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